Cream for sauna

Cream for sauna

  • Body creams to sauna with fragrance.
  • Help exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the skin.
  • Application on wet skin inside the sauna.
  • Composed by natural essential oils. No preservatives.
  • Fragrances available:

            or rose Oil
            or Mint and eucalyptus
            or Natural honey

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Our creams to use in the sauna are perfect to take care and nourish the skin while you enjoy a relaxing sauna session. In addition to being creams with high quality natural essential oils suitable for all skin types, these creams come with different fragrances to help you create an environment even more pleasant in your relaxation sessions.


Creams for sauna Moments Pool are characterized by their unmistakable aromas that fill all the senses. The smell of honey natura, peppermint and eucalyptus, lavender or rose oil helps to create a pleasant and harmonious that, in addition to contributing to the relaxation, it produces a calming effect on the nerves and better breathing.

The skin pores are opened with steam and the high temperatures of the sauna, so it is the perfect time to moisturize the skin. Creams, sauna are designed especially to produce an effect peel to apply on the skin and at the same time provide a great hydration.

Each and every one of the body creams, regardless of the aroma, are creams made with natural essential oils rich in fatty oils and natural and in countless benefits for both our skin and our body.

The composition of natural elements and other beneficial properties for the skin that the creams of Times Pool enjoy of properties that help to keep the skin soft, smooth, and flexible. They also have relaxing properties, soothing and anti-irritating. None of the creams sauna for Moments Pool has been prepared with preservatives or other harmful products for the skin.

Just apply the body cream on damp skin during your sauna session. When you apply the cream it will be rolled back and allow you all the benefits and properties of the cream will blend with your skin.

Harmonizes the environment of your sauna at the same time that you take care of your skin and help your body to relax only with the application of natural creams that enamoraran to all your senses.

Recommendations for use: Massage onto the skin once it has soaked in the sauna or steam room. Apply by rubbing over the skin along with the heat of the sauna. Can be rinsed with water after its application.


  • Rose oil
  • Mint and eucalyptus
  • Natural honey

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