Dolphin PoolStyle 35 pool cleaning robot

  • Ideal for pools up to 12 meters long.
  • Bottom and wall cleaning and waterline cleaning
  • Combined spring and ultra-fine basket + 2 ultra-fine filters
  • Incorporates transport trolley
Delivery in 2-3 days (SPAIN AND PORTUGAL)
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Dolphin Poolstyle 35: Impeccable cleanliness at the best price guaranteed

The Dolphin Poolstyle Plus pool cleaner belongs to the Dolphin Poolstyle range. With one of these pool robots you will get an exceptional experience with the peace of mind that the pool robot will leave your pool clean and crystal clear.  

The Poolstyle 35 robot stands out for the double active brush, the combination of the spring and ulrafine filtration system and the most advanced technology in mobility and scanning. 

This product line provides excellent value for money, a very affordable way to get crystal clear water. 

Enjoy the exceptional experience with the Dolphin cleaning robot

Why buy the Dolphin Poolstyle 35

  • Suitable for pools up to 12 meters in length
  • 18 meter cable with Swivel
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline
  • Double active brush
  • 2-hour cleaning cycle
  • Clever Clean scanning system
  • Power Stream mobility system
  • Basic ON/ OFF power supply
  • Combined spring and ultra-fine basket + 2 ultra-fine filters
  • Quick water release 
  • Transport trolley included
  • 2 year warranty 

The Poolstyle 35 cleaner features dual active brushes that rotate at twice the speed to get rid of stubborn dirt. 

It incorporates the combined basket that includes spring filters on the front and rear and ultra-fine filters on the sides, it also includes 2 panels of ultra-fine filtration. 

It features the CleverClean™ scanning system, which uses advanced navigation software to ensure total pool coverage, tracing the most efficient route. It also incorporates the Power Stream mobility system to channel water flow and improve the robot's maneuverability. 

Quick release of water for removal from the pool after the cleaning cycle. 

The self-floating cable has a length of 18 meters and incorporates a Swivel anti-knot system. 

To provide greater convenience in transporting the Dolphin to the pool, Maytronics includes a transport trolley with the Dolphin Poolstyle 35 robot. This way you can store the robot as well as the power supply and cable in one place. 

Dolphin Poolstyle 35 Features

Features Dolphin Poolstyle 35

Dolphin Poolstyle range pool cleaner comparison 

Dolphin Poolstyle Plus Dolphin Poolstyle 35
Ideal pool length Pools up to 10 meters in length  Pools up to 12 meters in length 
Cleaning coverage Floor and walls Floors, walls and waterline (side sweep)
Cycle time 2 hours 2 hours
Cable length 15 m 18 m with swivel
Active brushes 1 front 2 (front and rear)
Filtration Basket Easy-Clean spring filter   Combined spring and ultra-fine basket + 2 ultra-fine filters
Nº. of motors 1 traction motor and one suction motor 1 traction motor and one suction motor
Remote control No No
Clever Clean scanning system Yes Yes
Transport trolley No Yes
Suction flow rate 15 m³/h 17 m³/h
Weight 6,5 kg 7,5 kg
Warranty 2 years 2 years

Video limpiafondos gamma Poolstyle

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