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Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer
  • Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer
  • Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer

Iverliner - Swimming pool winterizer

  • Winterizer suitable for liner pools and salt electrolysis. 
  • Protects the water during the winter from algae and decomposition. 
  • Prevents dirt and lime from adhering to the liner. 
  • 100% free of metals that may stain or encrust. 
  • Dosage: 1L/20m³ of water to maintain the water between 3 and 6 months. 

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Maintaining the pool during the winter

Preparing the pool for winter is as important, if not more important, than pool maintenance. Carrying out the winterization treatment will help to save during the winter maintenance and in the reduction of chemical product in the spring start-up. In addition to avoiding the proliferation of algae and bacteria.

It is important to keep in mind that overwintering will be done when the temperature is below 15ºC.

Characteristics of the Iverliner winterizer

  • Universal overwinter, suitable for liner, polyester and salt electrolysis pools.
  • Protects during the whole winter from algae and water decomposition. 
  • Prevents scale and dirt from sticking to the liner and fiber.
  • Does not contain metallic ions that can stain or encrust. 

To maintain the pool during the winter there are two ways, stop the pool or leave the pool running, we explain the steps to follow in each option.

Closing the pool in winter

  1. Clean and brush the pool 
  2. Adjust pH to 7.2 - 7.6
  3. Chlorinate the water to 3 ppm of free chlorine
  4. Add 5 L / 100 m³ of water. Repeat the dosage after 3 months
  5. Keep the filter running for 8 hours

Keep the pool running 

  1. Clean and brush the pool 
  2. Adjust pH to 7,2 - 7,6
  3. Adjust free chlorine between 0.5 -1 ppm
  4. Add 2L / 100 m³ of water. Repeat the dosage after 3 months
  5. Maintain a filtration of 2 to 4 hours per day and low chlorine dosage of 0.5 ppm.

Hibernate a pool with saline chlorination. 

In the case of pools with salt chlorination system that do not leave the pool in operation during the winter it is important to take into account:

  • Electrically disconnect the electrolysis equipment and remove the cell. Clean the cell of possible incrustations with Celnet Cell Cleaner and store it in a dry and protected place.
  • If you have a pH dosing pump, remove the electrodes and store them in a conservative solution. 

Follow the steps for the hibernation of your pool

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