Ion Cell - Antifouling special electrolysis

  • Antiscalant for swimming pools with saline electrolysis
  • Prevents lime scale build-up and decreases the water contact surface of titanium cells.
  • Significantly prolongs the life of the cell
  • Product suitable for salt electrolysis
  • Container of 5 Kg
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Salt chlorination chemicals

The salt electrolysis is the "heart" of the equipment, it is the place where the disinfectant is generated and requires the surface to be as clean as possible. The disinfectant is key to have clean water but it is not enough to keep the water crystal clear and free of algae. That is why it is recommended to use other products like brighteners, algaecides, etc. But it is important that they are special products for salt electrolysis so that they do not damage the cell. 

Over the years, the cell wears out but it deteriorates faster if the water levels are not optimal. Fouling, high levels of phosphates that proliferate the appearance of algae, among others, may appear. 

One of the outstanding products is the Ion Cell that offers multiple advantages to increase and facilitate the maintenance of the cell. 

Antifouling for swimming pools 

  1. Extends the useful life of the equipment
  2. Optimizes disinfectant production
  3. Increased performance in a very economical and simple way 
  4. Prevents lime scale from fouling 
  5. Decrease the surface area in contact with water in Titanium cells

Salt electrolysis equipment also requires chemicals for the proper development, performance improvement and maintenance. Consult in our online store the special Piscimar products for salt electrolysis. 

How to use Ion Cell

We recommend applying the product Ion Cell every 2 months, adding 1 L/10m³ of water. This prevents calcareous incrustations that can damage the chlorinator. If there are incrustations, apply Celnet

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