Actibon Shock- Recovery of water

  • Accelerates the recovery of the green waters
  • Eliminates bacteria roses.
  • Avoids the effect of the cyanuric.
  • New dual action: algaecide and bactericide.
Delivery within 2-3 days (ESP AND POR) / 3-4 days (FRA) / 5-7 days (EU)

Recovering pool water 

One of the biggest problems with pool water is an excess of isocynuric acid, which causes the effectiveness of chlorine to be reduced. If the pool has a level of isocynuric acid higher than 75 ppm, the only solution is to renew the pool water. 

That is why the function of the product Actibon Shock is essential, since it avoids the effect of cyanuric acid and enhances the effect of the disinfectants. 

To check the level of isocyanuric acid we will use the analytical strips 6 parameters.

Characteristics of Actibon Shock

  • Accelerates the recovery of green water
  • Activates chlorine in waters with high isocyanuric acid content
  • Effective against pink bacteria

How to use Actibon Shock

  1. Check pH levels and regulate to 7.2-7.6
  2. Initial or shock dosage: add 0,5L / 100 m³
  3. Maintenance dose: add 0,2 L / 100 m³
  4. Distribute the product throughout the pool.

Actibon Shock product application video

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