Chainsaw ECHO CS 320 TES/30

Arborist saw ECHO CS 320 TES professional, lightweight and powerful.

Filter air G-Force, ignition with digital CDI, easy start IS-Start.

envío gratis en compras superiores a 350 €


  • Excellent power to weight ratio which gives it maximum manoeuvrability and comfort
  • System IS to-START, easy start with minimal effort
  • System F-FORCE, is a reduced exposure of the motor to the dust and waste to reduce the need for maintenance of the air filter and increase its useful life. The grid of high density allows also to decrease the entrance of pine needles and other debris pruning
  • Ignition digital CDI, which improves the behavior of the machine at any engine speed, and adjusts perfectly to every condition of work
  • Choke built-in and fast idle for easy release, with a simple squeeze of the trigger allows you to boot the machine with the least effort
  • Priming pump, which also facilitates the starting of the engine
  • Vibration reduction system for increased comfort and convenience for the user
  • Excellent design, that allows it to be a professional machine lightweight without sacrificing specifications and equipment. Mount a sword on a solid, standard chain professional OREGON, double chain brake for increased durability and resistance, as well as a chain brake inertia for added security
  • Incorporates a grease automatic and adjustable , which is driven by the clutch, allows the user to control the flow of oil by means of a screw located at the top for optimal performance. So, significantly reduces the oil consumption and keeps the chain perfectly lubricated
  • Account with a simple system of side access to chain tensioner for easy adjustment
  • Easy cleaning and quick maintenance; thanks to its air filter in two pieces of nylon easy to clean, access to the spark plug with only split a clip closure and detail as the plugs are over sized to facilitate the filling of fuel and chain oil, the knob-tool or the nut safety pin in the top of the chain. The knob of the boot fits with the plugs of gasoline and oil to facilitate handling. It has an easy access to the key parts of the machine ensuring a maintenance and cleaning more easy and effective
  • Essential for the pruning professional, offers a power and a performance cutting exceptional
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance
  • ECHO offers in Spain general guarantee of the manufacturer of 5 years for all of their machines with an internal combustion motor 2T and the Battery's Series 50V (2 years for professional use), as well as a 2-year warranty for the batteries of the Battery Series 50V (warranty conditions may differ depending on the country or maintenance contracts, as is the availability of models, colors, technical specifications and accessories.)
  • The products ECHO are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and performance. This warranty is our statement of confidence and its distinctive
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