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Liner and saline electrolysis pool hibernation PACK
  • Liner and saline electrolysis pool hibernation PACK

Liner and saline electrolysis pool hibernation PACK

  • Hibernation pack for liner, polyester and salt electrolysis pools.
  • Ideal to maintain the pool water during the winter.
  • The hibernation avoids the emptying and subsequent filling of the pool at the beginning of the season.
  • It supposes an economic and resource saving.

The pack includes:

                    1 u. IVERLINER 5L

                                 · Avoids the intense proliferation of algae and bacteria in the water.

                                 · Prevents water putrefaction and calcareous sediments.

                                 · Facilitates spring cleaning and prevents algae proliferation.


                                 · DICHLORO rapid chlorine ideal for shock chlorination.

                                 · High solubility, the necessary amount of residual chlorine is obtained quickly.

                                 · Fast dissolution that avoids discoloration on surfaces. 


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Liner and saline electrolysis pool hibernation PACK
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Pack hibernation swimming pools liner, polyester and saline electrolysis

This pack to maintain the pool during the winter is perfect for liner pools, polyester and all types of surfaces. It is also suitable for salt electrolysis pools. 

This promotional pack is not only perfect to save in the maintenance of your pool, but also to acquire first quality products without scratching your pocket.

This pack is perfect to maintain your pool during the winter and contains:

  • 1 unit IVERLINER 5L

                    · Universal winterizer for all types of pools: liner, polyester, gresite...

                    · Suitable for salt electrolysis pools.

                    · Protects all winter from algae and water decomposition

                    · Prevents liner and dirt from sticking to the liner and the fiber

                    · Contains no metal ions that can stain or foul

                    · Remains active for 3 months

                    · Package of 5 Kg.


                    · DICLORO fast chlorine ideal for shock chlorination.

                    · High solubility, the necessary amount of residual chlorine is obtained quickly..

                    · Ideal for all types of pools, including polyester liner, painted or vinyl.

                    · Due to its fast dissolution, it avoids discoloration on surfaces.

                    · Its easy dissolution allows through a dosing pump to automate water disinfection.

                    · It does not modify the pH of the water.

                    · Package of 5 Kg.

You can also purchase Iverliner 1.2 KgIverliner 5 Kg and Dichloro GR separately. 

Price of the products without pack: 76,19€

Prepare the pool for hibernation

  • The water temperature must be below 15 ºC to begin the process of hibernation of the pool.
  • Adjust the pH with pH MINUS or pH PLUS between 7.2 and 7.6 and perform a shock chlorination with DICLOR GR (10 g per m³ of water).
  • Leave the filter running.
  • Add the star product IVERLINER

          - If we stop the pool add 5L/100m³ of water.

          - If we leave the pool running add 2L/100m³ of water. 

  • Leave the filter running for 8 hours to ensure a perfect distribution of the product in the water.
  • The following day carry out a complete washing of the filter.
  • Cover the pool with a cover or tarp.
  • It is important to repeat the addition of IVERLINER every 3 months (more or less at the beginning and in the middle of the process).
  • Filter backwashing (saturated filters): If the filter pressure gauge is located in the red band, it means that the filter is saturated. It will be necessary to carry out a backwash.

If we leave the pool in operation, it will be necessary to maintain a filtration of 2 to 4 hours daily and a chlorine dosage of 0.5 ppm.

Attention. The doses that we will comment are orientative, and if it is necessary they will have to be modified according to the characteristics of each swimming pool, the meteorological one, external conditions, etc. We must also be careful with the prolonged contact of this product with the surfaces of the glass, liner, vinyl, polyester pools, etc., since this winterizer discolors them.

* For very cold climates it is recommended that the water level is below the skimmers, empty the pipes and place a floating object on the surface to weaken the pressure of the ice.

* For moderate climates, periodically operate the filtration equipment.

* Torrential rain: In case of heavy rainfall, it is necessary to perform a shock treatment with DICLOR GR  (10 g/m³). After circulating the water for half an hour, the free chlorine and pH should be checked.

If you have any doubts about the product or its performance, please contact our experts.

You can also find in our store more types of pool winterizer of various brands with other features for your pool.

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