Invernador with dispenser floating Sleepy CTX-235

  • Invernador with dosificante Sleppy CTX-235
  • The package itself works as a dispenser
  • Full treatment of winter rest with dispenser floating built-in.
  • It prevents the putrefaction of the water, the proliferation of algae and keeps the water crystal clear.
  • Compatible with all the treatments of filtration
  • Includes action disinfectant, algaecide and flocculant.
  • Non-foaming
  • Packaging 2Kg
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With this dispenser prevents the decomposition of the water of the swimming pool during the times when this is not used. Favors the cleaning, recovery and tuning of the water of the pool at the beginning of bathing season. With the CTX-235 Sleepy, you can keep the water of your pool during the winter in perfect condition and save you empty the pool and refill it the next season.

You can check out our article on how to overwinter the pool with all our tips and steps to follow.


The extra hibernation for pool, CTX-235 SLEPPY acts on the water with a disinfectant, algaecide and flocculant. It prevents the putrefaction of the water, the proliferation of algae and keeps the water crystal clear.

The best thing about this invernador of CTX is that the actual packaging functions as a dispenser, which allows its application in swimming pools that do not have a skimmer so easy and comfortable. Buy this chemical product specific means able to perform the maintenance of the pool in the winter easy, economical and eco-friendly. To keep the pool water up to three seasons in perfect conditions it is possible with the invernador dispenser CTX SLEPPY

Not having to empty the pool during the winter represents a great saving in water, a fact beneficial for the environment and for your pocket, since the commissioning of the next season will not be as costly. In fact, you only need a shock treatment to get back to enjoying your swimming pool.

The invernador CTX is a specific product that prevents the proliferation of algae, so intense, as well as bacteria number in the water. In addition, this product, approved by our experts, helps to prevent the putrefaction of the water and the calcareous sediments. Another of the benefits of this invernador pool is that the swimming pool cleaning in spring is much more comfortable, as this product prevents the fouling and algae.

In Moments a swimming Pool we recommend that you take the wintering of your pool to contribute to saving of water and thus benefit the environment, your pocket and the saving of this precious resource.

Remember that to apply this type of products to your pool water should be at a temperature below 15ºC.


Attention. The dose that we will discuss are guidelines, and if necessary should be modified in function of the characteristics of each pool, weather, external conditions, etc, We should also be careful with the prolonged contact of this product with the surfaces of the glass, liner, vinyl, polyester swimming pools, etc, as this invernador the discolor.

Steps to follow (remember that the water should be at a temperature lower than 15 ° C):

  1. Clean the pool.
  2. Be sure to adjust the PH of the parameter optimum (7.2 to 7.6). You can get it with MINUS GR (MINUS LQ) or PLUS GR (PLUS LQ) whichever suits you best.
  3. Perform a shock chlorination.
  4. Stops the operation of the filtration equipment.
  5. Pierce the circular marks (both sides) with a useful sharp (for example, a pair of scissors) and easily get the necessary holes for the inlet of water to its interior.
  6. Place the container in the water with the lid down and let it float.
  7. Use a dispenser for every 50 m3 of water to overwinter.
  8. Place the cover of the winter in the pool.

** Approximate duration: 4 to 6 weeks.

** Do not try to fill the dispenser, they are single use!

* For very cold climates it is recommended that the water level below the skimmers, drain the pipes and put some floating object on the surface to weaken the pressure of the ice.

* For moderate climates, operate periodically, the filtration equipment.

If you have questions about the product or its operation please contact our experts.

You can also find in our store more types of invernador pool of various brands with different type of features for your swimming pool.

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