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Flocculant Quickflock Super BAYROL 1L

  • Flocculant liquid
  • Effect clarifying fast to water is especially turbid
  • Action independent of pH (6,6–8,0)
  • Flocculation rapid
  • Improves the performance of the sand filter
  • It neutralizes the phosphates responsible for the proliferation of algae
  • Container 1L
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Flocculant liquid for sand filters with effect clarifying fast to water is especially murky. The advanced solution to recover pools with problems.

Function of the product

Flocculation / clarification

Quickflock Super removes the finer particles that are suspended in the water and refines the action of the sand filter. Product description Liquid Contains: polihidroxicloruro aluminum hydrolyzed Without aluminum sulfate

Advantages of Quickflock Super

  1. Action independent of pH (6,6–8,0)
  2. Flocculation rapid
  3. Improvement andl performance of the sand filter, it saves on sanitizer
  4. It neutralizes the phosphates responsible for the proliferation of algae

Mode of employment

  1. Slowly pour Quickflock Super into the skimmer, with the filtration running.
  2. Stop the filter for 15 minutes.
  3. Put back the filtration function to filter the total volume of water.
  4. To perform a backwash of the filter, followed by a rinse.
  5. If necessary, repeat the process.
  6. In case of cloudy water, pour directly to the pool 1 liter of Quickflock Super per 100 m3 of water, and leaving the filtration continuously until the turbidity. Carry loads to backwash the filter frequently.

Dosing information

  • Recommended amount: 100 - 200 ml / 0 - 100 m3 of water
  • Where to dose: in the skimmer
  • Filter type: sand filter
  • Volume of water: any
  • When to dose: in case of cloudy water problems

Recommendations: The filtration should work each day (at least for a time equal to the water temperature divided by 2). At high temperatures or intensive use of the swimming pool, it may be necessary to dispense more product. Use this product only if the filter is of sand.

Warnings: do Not mix never different chemicals in concentrated form. Always add product to water and never the reverse.

Product Details

Data sheet

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Quimico piscina
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1 Kg/L

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