Clarifying Natural 1L CTX

  • Water clean and clear naturally
  • Clarifier concentrate of natural origin on the basis of Chitosan (shells of crustaceans)
  • Ideal for all types of pools
  • Container 1L
Delivery within 3-5 days (ESP PER) / 7-10 (EU)

Clarifier concentrate of natural origin on the basis of Chitosan (shells of crustaceans), which contributes to the pool weekly treatment more effective to avoid the creation of foam or turbidity in the water.


Through a simple weekly treatment, Natural Clarifier:

  • Keeps the water crystal clear and sparkling by assisting the filter in the collection of the dirt
  • Removes traces of oils and creams, as well as the foam
  • Compatible with all types of disinfectants
  • Removes excess metals
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Makes cleaning filters quicker and easier
  • Improving the performance of the Salt electrolysis

Usage tips

To keep the pool water crystal clear and sparkling, treat it with Natural Clarifier once a week with the recommended dose.

For swimming pools of houses of much use or for commercial pools, treat the pool water twice a week with a double dose or triple.

  1. Make sure the filter is clean and that the equipment is working properly.
  2. Pour the necessary dose of Natural Clarifier in a container with water and distribute this solution on the surface of the pool by an equal.
  3. Keep the filtration system running for at least six hours after application.. (*)40 ml a week for a pool of 50 m3
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verified reviews(1)

Anonymous A. published the 12/09/2016 following an order made on 18/08/2016


Usado en piscina pequeña (unos 400 litros) y con filtros de cartucho, antes el agua aguantaba 1 semana. Con un par de cucharadas a la semana aguanta 2 semanas, pero acaba turbia. Supongo que con un filtro de arena la cosa mejora, probaremos el añao que viene.

Comment from Momentos Piscina the 15/09/2016
Esperemos que sea así Javier, no dude en llamarnos para cualquier consulta que tenga, un saludo

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