Pool Cleaners Dolphin E10

Pool Cleaners Dolphin E10


  • Pool cleaners Dolphin E10 residential.
  • Ideal for cleaning pools up to 8m in length.
  • Robot pool cleaners lightweight (6kg) and small.
  • Robot for all types of pools, even pools high.
  • Cleaner and power with ergonomic design.
  • Very lightweight and easy to lift and handle.
  • Dealer OFFICIAL Dolphin Maytronics.
  • Pool cleaners Dolphin with certificate of quality.limpiafondos dolphin classic
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The cleaner Dolphin And 10 is a robot to clean pools designed for the cleaning of swimming pools median,s, of up to 8m in length. Designed to be easy to handle and lightweight, it is ideal for all types of pools, even pools high. Its ergonomic design and its electrical system makes the cleaner Dolphin E10 a very recomandable for people very practical with swimming pools of medium size.

The price of this robot is very cheap, so buy the cleaner Dolphin E10 is the most cost-effective (high quality-price ratio).

Dolphin E10 is a robot for a swimming pool that allows you to focus on enjoying the pool instead of working for it. You can forget to brush the bottom and collect the leaves from your swimming pool, by the pool cleaners Dolphin E10 will do it for you in a easy way and automatic.

With the robot Dolphin E10 of Maytronics pool will always be ready for the fun.

The Dolphin Acuarius R2 belongs to the Basic Line (B). The robots Basics are specifically designed to work in small pools of any shape. These computers use the same technology algorithmic scanning employing the cleaner Maytronics for larger pools. Are robots very compact and lightweight, easy to handle in and out of the pool. With an advanced cleaning system and a large capacity for filtration, the robots of the Basic class they offer the best and the most complete cleaning on the market.

Features pool cleaners Dolphin E 10 robot pool

Operation of the cleaner without effort.

  • Filtration system of superior access – with a fast and simple method of emptying and cleaning.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Release of water quick and without dirt.

Results of cleaning of the swimming pool crystal clear.

  • The action of brushing active eliminates algae and bacteria.
  • Filtration system is effective and easy to use.
  • Retention of dirt efficient – Picks up dirt fine and coarse.

The tranquility of the pool cleaners Dolphin.

  • Proven reliability – made by Maytronics, a world leader in cleaner machines.
  • Fast service repair.

Properties main pool Cleaners Dolphin And 10

  • Scanning system CleaverCleanTM: uses an advanced navigation software. This ensures that every metre of the pool - floor and walls - will be cleaned using the route to work more effectively. It is so smart, that the system navigates automatically around obstacles and quickly returns to its normal path of work. This scanning system allows the Dolphin E20 have a navigation more accurate.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: the cleaner E Series to facilitate the extraction of the swimming pool thanks to its system of fast-draining and clean water to its lightweight and ergonomic design. It has a system of fast-draining clean water highly effective. Thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design, it is very easy to handle.
  • Basket easy cleaning: - filtration system with top access - rapid emptying, easy to wash and no problems. The filtering system allows for a disassembly and cleaning quick and easy.
  • Excellent cleaning: The robot Dolphin E10 offers excellent cleaning results and unique. The brush system activated, can remove all the bacteria and algae quickly and completely. The Dolphin E10 is able to pick up and remove the dirt more fine.
  • Light weight: Thanks to its light weight, the robot Dolphin E10 to be lifted or carried with ease. The device can be used flexibly in any location, even difficult to access.
  • Modern design: The cleaner Dolphin E10 is characterized by its high quality equipment and modern design. The characteristics of the robot, at the forefront of technology, giving it a touch of class and exceptional functionality.

Comparison table range pool cleaners Dolphin E-Series

limpiafondos dolphin e10limpiafondo dolphin e20limpiafondo dolphin e25limpiafondos dolphin e30limpiafondo dolphin e35limpiafondos dolphin e40
For pools up to (m)8x510x510x512x612x614x7
Areas cleaningFund-Half-roundFloor-Walls-Line flotationFloor-Walls-Line flotationFloor-Walls-Line float(side swept)Floor-Walls-Line float(side swept)Floor-Walls-Line float(side swept)
Cycle cleaning1.5 hours2 hours2 hours2 hours2 hours1,5-2-2,5 hours
Meters of cable121515181818
Brushes active1 front1 front1 front2 front + rear2 front + rear2 front + rear
FiltrationBasket filter springBasket Easy-Clean filter springBasket Easy-Clean filters spring+ ultra-thinBasket Easy-Clean filters spring + ultra-thinBasket Easy-Clean filters spring + ultra-thinBasket Easy-Clean multi-layer filters ultra-thin + basket prefitro
Remote controlNotNotNotNotNotMobile application MyDolphin App
Engine24V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC
Suction rate151515171717
Weight (kg)6,36,56,57,57,57,5
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years2 years 2 years

Any of the pool cleaners Dolphin boasts of reliability and warranty Dolphin. Manufactured by Maytronics, a company world leader in the manufacture of robots pool cleaners for swimming pools.

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