Pool Cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R6

Pool Cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R6


  • Pool cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R6 for the pool.
  • Official distributor of pool cleaners Dolphin.
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline of the pool.
  • Suitable for pools up to 15 metres in length.
  • Cartridge filtration spring and the ultra-thin, picking up the dirt, more coarse and fine, respectively.
  • Brush active front and rear, with brushes of PVA prepared for all types of surfaces.
  • Double-motor traction improving their turns and cleaning capacity.
  • Cleaning cycle of 2 hours and a half.
  • Includes car and remote control via smartphone (My Dolphin App).
  • Up to 3 years of warranty (making a product warranty registration in https://registration.maytronics.com )limpiafondos dolphin classic
€1,190.00 €1,721.00 -€531.00
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Pool cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R6 ideal for pools of any shape up to 15 meters in length. Your ability to complete cleanup allows you to comply with his roles in bottom, walls and waterline. The Dolphin Acuarius R6 represents a significant advancement in the sector of robotic technology for cleaning swimming pools, thanks to the experience of Maytronics, manufacturer Dolphin.

Thanks to its unique and innovative features, the Dolphin Acuarius R6 will relieve you of the tasks more difficult and thorough cleaning of the pool and ensures reliable results in every use. In addition, this robot electric for swimming pool features an incredible quality-price ratio.

The Dolphin Acuarius R6 belongs to the Advanced Line (AD). The Advanced Line is the most popular range and sold the cleaners automatic Maytronics, and for very good reasons! Scanning smart and great cleaning power combine to create the choice number #1 of all owners of swimming pools worldwide. The Advanced line can be programmed and controlled remotely, this is another example of our motto "Exceptional Experience".

Features Dolphin Acuarius R6 robot cleaner swimming pool

  • Total coverage of the pool on all surfaces, makes cleaning up autonomously.
  • Cable with system of the prevention of knots Swivel.
  • Features dual-drive motor, offering greater performance and maneuverability
  • Cleaner suitable for all type of surfaces: liner, tile, concrete, etc
  • Intelligent Software cleaning CleverClean more Gyro, which plots the most efficient route, scanning the pool, detecting obstacles and choosing the cleaning path more optimal, correcting the traced in case of diversion.
  • Power supply with timer, weekly.
  • Incorporates transport cart to move the robot and save it with ease.
  • Third brush active that allows for a better rotation and cleaning of the swimming pool.
  • Application for the mobile device MyDolphin, that works as a remote control for the robot.
  • Easy maintenance, high practicality.
  • Low voltage and low consumption of energy.
  • Includes automatic shut off at the end of the cycle.
  • Even suitable for pools with beach.
  • Use for pools up to 15 mt.
  • System Gyro scan.

Comparative cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2 - R4 - R5 - R6

Acuarius R2
Acuarius R4
Acuarius R5
Acuarius R6
Line waterlineIfIfIfIf
Cable length (m)18181818
FilterTop accessTop accessTop accessTop access

Basket Easy-Clean

spring + ultra-thin

Cartridges spring

Cartridges spring

+ ultafino

Cartridges spring

+ ultra-thin

Recommended length swimming pool1212-1512-1512-15
Duration cycle cleaning (h)
Remote ControlNotNotNotSmartphone (My Dolphin App)
CarNotNotNotCaddy with wheels
Flow suction (m3/h)15171717
Timer weeklyNotNotNotIf
Warranty2 yearsUp to 3 years (web log Maytronics)Up to 3 years (web log Maytronics)Up to 3 years (web log Maytronics)

Any of the pool cleaners Dolphin boasts of reliability and warranty Dolphin. Manufactured by Maytronics, a company world leader in the manufacture of robots pool cleaners for swimming pools.

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