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Pool Cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R2

Pool Cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R2


  • Pool cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R2 for the pool.
  • Dolphin Acuarius R2 manufactured by Maytronics.
  • Official distributor of robot pool cleaners Dolphin.
  • Cleaning of bottom, walls and waterline of the pool.
  • Suitable for pools up to 12 metres in length.
  • Basket filtration Easy-Clean spring that holds up the smaller particles.
  • Mobility system PowerStream (scanning and enhanced navigation).
  • Brush active the front and rear.
  • Quick and easy release of water.
  • Cycle cleaning 2 hours.limpiafondos dolphin classic
€850.00 €1,324.00 -€474.00
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Pool cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R2 ideal for pools of any shape up to 12 meters in length. Your ability to complete cleanup allows you to comply with his roles in bottom, walls and waterline.

The Dolphin Acuarius R2 belongs to the Classic Line (C). The Classic line of Dolphin Maytronics is a range of cleaner economic that provide an excellent price-quality ratio. A simple and accessible have water clean, clear and disinfected. Incorporate some of the most advanced technologies at the global level in scanning and cleaning, that also employ the lines Advanced, and Premium. They are best suited to any shape or type of pool, the Classic line offers powerful cleaning at very attractive prices.

Features pool cleaners Dolphin Acuarius R2 for swimming pool

  • Dolphin Acuarius R2 with filtration of easy maintenance, getting clean without intervention.
  • Weighs only 7.5 kg, giving it an ergonomic design and lightweight, with quick release water and access to upper filter which makes it easier for maintenance.
  • Side sweep of the waterline thanks to its mobility system PowerStream, which uses the flow of water for a better mobility in the walls.
  • Intelligent Software cleaning CleverClean, which plots the most efficient route, scanning the pool, detecting obstacles and choosing the cleaning path more optimal.
  • His basket inside allows you to easily change the filters according to your needs: to collect residues of larger size incorporates filters spring for more dirt fine you have the filters ultra-fine.
  • 2 hour cycle.
  • Power supply of low consumption.
  • Basket Easy-Clean: Includes filters spring and ultra-fine.

Comparative cleaner Dolphin Acuarius R2 - R4 - R5 - R6

Acuarius R2 Acuarius R4 Acuarius R5 Acuarius R6
Background If If If If
Walls If If If If
Line waterline If If If If
Cable length (m) 18 18 18 18
Filter Top access Top access Top access Top access

Basket Easy-Clean

spring + ultra-thin

Cartridges spring

Cartridges spring

+ ultafino

Cartridges spring

+ ultra-thin

Recommended length swimming pool 12 12-15 12-15 12-15
Duration cycle cleaning (h) 2 2.5 2.5 2.5
Remote Control Not Not Not Smartphone (My Dolphin App)
Car Not Not Not Caddy with wheels
Flow suction (m3/h) 15 17 17 17
Timer weekly Not Not Not If
Warranty 2 years Up to 3 years (web log Maytronics) Up to 3 years (web log Maytronics) Up to 3 years (web log Maytronics)

Any of the pool cleaners Dolphin boasts of reliability and warranty Dolphin. Manufactured by Maytronics, a company world leader in the manufacture of robots pool cleaners for swimming pools.

The Dolphin Acuarius R2 is equivalent in performance to the following models of pool cleaners Dolphin:

  • Dolphin S200
  • Dolphin Energy 200
  • Dolphin Formula 30
  • Dolphin Race 30
  • Dolphin Zenit Z1B
  • Dolphin Blue Maxi 30
  • Dolphin E30
  • Dolphin Master 30

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