TRICHLORO CP 90% in pills 5 Kg

  • Packaging of 5 Kg.
  • Use in dispensers or skimmer
  • Trichlor tablets slow dissolving for pools. 90% of chlorine useful.
  • For the ongoing maintenance of the pool water: releases a disinfectant as the water is going to need.
Delivery within 3-5 days (ESP PER) / 7-10 (EU)
The use of TRICHLOR as a sanitizer ensures free chlorine residual in the pool

The chlorine resiudal free is water with disinfectant and is inpresdincible to destroy those microorganisms that can be introduced after the water is already disinfected.

To CONTROL THE RESIDUAL CHLORINE (water with disinfectant)

The free chlorine recommended in a piscian should never be lower than 1 ppm. Less than 1 ppm of free chlorine will allow for the growth of bacteria and algae in the water, causing unsanitary conditions and unpleasant.

The exact amount of chlorine needed to maintain 1 ppm of free chlorine will depend on the number of swimmers, sunlight, and the temperature of the water or weather conditions.


  • Compound pills (compact)
  • Packaging of 5 Kg
  • Chlorine slow dissolving for the regular maintenance and continued to the water of the pool.
  • Suitable for swimming pools with ceramic materials. In pools constructed of liner, polyester, vinyl or painted should not come in direct contact, as it can lead to discolorations.


LookSolid in tablets of 200 g (25 per package)
Chlorine content useful90 %
pH (1%)2 - 3
Container5 Kg
Solubility1.2 g/100 ml


  • Initial treatment: Add 15 g of DICHLORO GR for every m3 of water. After 2 hours, adjust the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.6 using pH MINUS or pH PLUS
  • Maintenance treatment: With water pH adjusted, the daily maintenance can be done in two different ways:
    • In the baskets of the skimmers: Place 1 compact TRICHLORIDE CP for every 15 m3 of water every 7 days.
    • If utiiliza dispenser: In pools with dispenser, fill it with pasticas TRICHLORO CP and circulate the water through the dispenser.

The initial treatment (supercloración), must be repeated whenever you notice a lack of transparency in the water.


Introduce the necessary dose of TRICHLORO GR in the inside of a skimmer, putting then into operation the filtration equipment, to be able in this way to be dissolved the product, to circulate the water through this skimmer.

The residual chlorine must be located between 0.5 - 2 mg/l. Value that will be measured each day using a case analyzer of chlorine and pH. This control must be made a minimum of 2 times a day.


  • Keep the water passage open the skimmers and sump during the filtration process.
  • Is aconesjable introduce the new dose of TRICHLORO CP when the compact entered into skimmers have been reduced to 10% of the original weight.
  • Keep the baskets from the skimmers clean (leaves, paper, etc) to achieve the proper dissolution of the compact.
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