Eco glass Filter media Grade 1 25kg

  • Recycled glass filter
  • Container of 25 Kg
  • Grade 1: a 0.5 a1,0mm
  • Grain equivalent to the sand
  • More healthy
  • More efficient
  • More eco-friendly
  • More cost-effective
  • More clean
  • Lasts forever

The glass filter material is one of the best options that are on the market to fill our filter. Is Eco Glass is a material that is environmentally friendly, made from recycled glass. It undergoes a process of activation of intense energy, so that it acquires the forces of attraction, as well as the oxidizing properties and catalytic. Due to this special process of activation, the Eco Glass Filter acquires some properties that make it an excellent filter medium.

Eco glass Filter presents significant advantages with respect to silica sand. It is more permeable, eliminates finer particles, is kept clean, does not degrade with the passage of time, and requires the least amount of load for the same filter.

To know more about this material, click here: Eco Glass Filter

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